Standard Mirrors & Cut To Size

Standard Mirrors

Give your home a touch of timeless elegance with our frameless standard mirrors. Not just for the bathroom, frameless mirrors can impress throughout your home, creating a feeling of light and space. Available in three highly durable tints, Bright Silver, Haze and Sepia, this product is perfect for all regular bathroom or commercial mirror applications.

Tech Specs

  • 4mm and 6mm un-toughened glass
  • Available in Bright Silver, Haze and Sepia
  • Bright Silver - max panel size 3200 x 2200mm
  • Haze – max panel size 2400 x 2600mm
  • Sepia – max panel size 2400 x 2600mm

Cut-to-Size Stock Mirrors

Available in 4mm and 6mm Bright Silver, our range of stock mirrors can be cut on one or both sides to fit any area perfectly. The edges are polished to ensure a perfect finish. Stock sizes range from 900 x 700mm to 1800 x 2100mm
For detailed information see our product brochure.

Please note the following are ordered as required and will not be immediately available.

  • All Haze and Sepia mirrors
  • Bright Silver mirror larger than our stock sizes