Mirrortex Mirror Glass

Mirrortex Toughened Splashbacks

Mirrortex Toughened is a state of the art, heat resistant mirror suitable for use in kitchen, bathroom and commercial applications, or where toughened glass is a requirement (such as behind a kitchen cooktop). Mirrortex Toughened is available in two colour choices – Silver Grey and Smoke. Mirrortex toughened is a superior quality reflective surface for interior applications.

Tech Specs

  • 6mm toughened safety glass
  • Mirrortex Toughened available in Smoke, Silver Grey and Black
  • Measured with hi-tech laser equipment
  • Maximum panel size of Mirrortex Toughened Silver Grey and Black is 3.14 Metres* (subject to site asessment)
  • Maximum panel size of Mirrortex Toughened Smoke is 4.9 Metres* (subject to site assessment)
  • A ten (10) year limited warranty applies to all glass splashbacks


When Is Mirrortex Toughened used?
Mirrortex Toughened is well suited to small modern Kitchens and Bathrooms, where the mirror finish will open up the area. It can be used for any application and is a stylish alternative to coloured splashbacks.

How do I clean Mirrortex?
Mirrortex is cleaned the same as any mirror and coloured glass splashback. Contrary to popular belief, there is no more cleaning involved than any other coloured glass splashback.

Download Mirrortex Product Brochure