• Everprint® Printed Glass
  • Everprint® Printed Glass
  • Everprint® Printed Glass
  • Everprint® Printed Glass

Everprint Printed Glass

Any image captured on Glass

Create a truly unique space with Everprint Glass. This clever glass product can capture any image, pattern or graphic on glass for use in a wide range of settings. Popular in both commercial and residential Kitchens and Bathrooms, Everprint Glass also has applications in the rest of the home, hotel, restaurant or retail store. Select from our online archive or sites, choose from one of our preferred artists or supply and create your own design with the help of our experienced team. This stylish, and unique technique offers unlimited possibilities for visionary designers.

Printed Glass Applications

Imagine your favourite image used in a glass feature wall or as a feature kitchen splashback. Everprint Glass can help transform any interior space by truly showcasing your individuality. Everprint glass is very popular in the bathroom and shower and makes the perfect backdrop for a Clear-Space shower screen. Everprint glass is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.

Tech Specs

  • 6mm toughened safety glass
  • Available in an unlimited range of images, design and colours
  • A fire resistant backing installed if required (BCA)
  • Measured with hi-tech laser equipment
  • Maximum panel size 3.2 Metres
  • A ten (10) year limited warranty applies to all glass splashbacks


What is Everprint Glass? Can I use any image?
Everprint Glass captures an image on glass for a range of applications. You can supply an image, but the quality of the image will dictate whether it is suitable for use in your projects. We recommend speaking to our design team to discuss what will and won’t work for you. If an image that you supply is suitable for a splashback, our design team will then set up the file ready for the Everprint treatment.

Can The Splashback Company supply artwork?
Yes, we have a huge range of ready-to-go artwork available with our design team ready to assist you should you wish to create your own image.

How do I choose an image?
If you are not supplying your own image or design,select an image from our online archive or from online sites such as istockphoto.com and work with our design team to achieve the result you are after.

How should I supply an image?
If you are supplying an image it must be super-high resolution to avoid pixilation or distortion when the image is viewed up close – which it will be! We understand that not everyone is photoshop savvy so contact us and we will help you with this.

Will the image wear or fade?
No, the Everprint glass is fade resistant. Your design will be on display for as long as you want!

When should I engage The Splashback Company in my project timeline?
Just like standard glass splashbacks, we can quote the job as soon as you have plans and advise on shape, colour and set-up, but we don’t laser measure until the cabinets and benchtops ,in the case of the Kitchen and all plumbing including taps and fittings in the bathroom, are completed. With an EVERPRINT splashback, we can commence artwork setup before laser measure is done to help eliminate any delay in your project.