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  • Easi-Bal Balustrade

Easi-Bal Balustrade

Glass Balustrade Made Easy

Easi-Bal glass balustrade systems feature smart design and combine superior quality hardware and toughened safety glass. Available in frameless, semi-frameless and fully framed options, Easi-Bal is designed and installed to meet all safety requirements. Featuring the finest hardware available, Easi-Bal is strong, safe and elegant. Easi-Bal compliments a minimalist design approach in both contemporary and period homes and commercial and retail environments.

Glass Balustrade Applications

This innovative product is suitable in stairwells and balconies for commercial, residential and retail settings. Glass balustrade is used for a variety of purposes in today’s built environment and with Easi-Bal you are combining the finest design with the best hardware available on the market. Easi-Bal is the simple solution to your safety and privacy requirements.

Tech Specs

Easi-Bal – Tech Specs

  • 12mm toughened safety glass
  • Available in a range of configurations
  • High quality stainless and aluminium fittings
  • Measured with hi-tech laser equipment
  • A five (5) year limited warranty applies


Should I choose a balustrade with frames or frameless balustrade?
This often comes down to aesthetic preferences. Designers will often go for a frameless system to keep the visual impact of the balustrade to a minimum with less visual clutter. A sleek, minimal finish is achieved with a frameless balustrade. However, sometimes a more structural appearance is desirable and a good structural frame can be a feature in itself. As the theory goes: form follows function.

Should I go for a track system or a clamp system?
Again, this can come down to either personal preference or the restrictions placed by your environment. Often there is no provision for a track system and vice-versa. This is often the case on staircases and in tight spaces.

Do I need a handrail?
As a rule, if your balustrade is above 1 metre, then you will require a handrail. Refer to exceptions in the Australian Standards.

What are the options?
Easi-Post: This is a semi or fully framed system with optional hand rail provision.
Easi-Track: A semi-frameless system using 12mm toughened safety glass, track mounted.
Easi-Mini-Clamp: This frameless system uses stainless steel clamps to secure the 10mm Safety Glass that can come in either a regular or matt finish.

What material options can I get for my handrail?
Handrails come in either a brushed stainless steel or powder-coated aluminium finish.