A Guide To Glass Pool Fencing

A Guide To Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing offers safety and beauty for a pool area, for traditionally designed or modern properties. Glass fencing is a clean-looking, superior fencing that can enhance the appearance of any outdoor space while keeping families and guests safe.

The Splashback Company is proud to offer glass pool fencing as part of our range of glass products for residential and commercial projects. Our iLine glass fencing is a top selling product within our range because it features clean lines, minimal detailing, and the best hardware for classic and contemporary styling.

As you contemplate the best fencing for your pool area or outdoor water feature, you may have questions and concerns about using glass. We’re here to offer you the information you need to make your decision about glass fencing for your pool, and once you’ve decided on the right product for you, we’ll be with you every step of the way during installation. The Splashback Company wants you to be happy with the product that you choose from us and with the service that we provide you with as we take your job from design to completion.

The following are some things to consider when choosing pool fencing, and when thinking about glass fencing in particular.

iLine Glass Pool Fencing Applications

Imaging enjoying the beauty of your sparkling pool from many locations on your property. As you gaze out of the window in your home, or enjoy a leisurely day outdoors, you have the calmness of  your pool within sight nearly all the time when it’s surrounded by glass fencing. In addition to sectioning off a pool area with unobtrusive and nearly invisible fencing, you can use the iLine glass fencing product to enclose a spa or garden pond. Children stay safe from the water with this fencing, but your water feature remains in full view for all to admire.

iLine Glass Fencing Specifications

iLine glass pool fencing is made with 12mm toughened safety glass to withstand weather, rough play, and crashes from toys. It features high-quality stainless and aluminum fittings and it’s precision measured with high-tech laser equipment, to give you the exact configuration you want for your outdoor space.

The Nearly No-Fencing Fencing

We understand that many people aren’t fond of the idea of intrusive fencing surrounding their pool, spa, or outdoor water feature. We too like the idea of see-through glass fencing as an alternative to solid fencing for homeowners, and commercial property owners, who want to preserve the gorgeous views of their infinity pool, saltwater pool, or mosaic-bottom pool. Under the Swimming Pools Act of 1992, it’s a requirement that all pools have a barrier that adheres to AS1926.1 – 2007, which dictates the requirements and restrictions placed on pool fencing. The Splashback Company’s glass pool fencing adheres to, and exceeds, Australian pool fencing standards while offering visual access to a feature that many people enjoy and have paid a great deal of money for.

How to Make Your Glass Pool Fencing as Unobstructive as Possible

If you contact The Splashback Company while you’re still in the design phase of your pool, spa, or outdoor water feature, we can inset your glass pool fence in the concrete or flush with the surface surrounding the feature. We use a track system that consists of only high-quality glass panels, without a handrail, so that you get a beautiful and minimal aesthetic while adhering to all pool fencing requirements. Even if you’re fencing in an existing pool or water feature, The Splashback Company can install glass fencing so that it offers a minimalist, streamlined solution for you.

For more information about iLine glass pool fencing, and for a project quote, feel free to give The Splashback Company a call today!